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Some Key Features of Notepad++

Syntax Highlighting

Notepad++ supports syntax highlighting for a wide range of programming languages, making it easier to read and understand code. It colorizes different elements of the code, such as keywords, variables, and comments, enhancing code readability.

Code Folding and Indentation

The text editor is already equipped with all the basic plugins that you will need in your daily workflow. The option to customize the plugins can be easily accessed from the admin panel and check the update and compatibility history.

Macros and Automation

Notepad++ includes a macro recording and playback feature. This feature allows users to record certain commands and codes so that they can be reused over and over again. Thus making the workflow automated and easy.

Some Key Features

Syntax Folding

The codes are color highlighted depending on the elements to make finding the errors easier.

PCRE Search/Replace

Notepad++ supports powerful search and replace functionality using Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, enabling complex and flexible search and manipulation of text.


The interface can be customized as the users, starting from its font to core functionalities.


The interface offers parameters, words, and functions suggestions whenever it sees very commonly used phrases.

Multi-Document (Tab interface)

Notepad++ allows users to work with multiple documents simultaneously using a tabbed interface, enabling quick switching between open files.


With a split panel, users can view their lines of code parallel, giving them a more error-free coding experience.

WYSIWYG (Printing)

What You See Is What You Get" printing provides a true-to-life on-screen real-life printing process.

Zoom in and Zoom out

For better readability, users can easily zoom in and out the text and make the screen look optimal to their liking.

Multi-Language Environment Supported

The support of every variety of programming languages makes this text editor a unique proposition.


Notepad++ allows users to set bookmarks within a document, making it easy to navigate and jump to specific sections of interest.

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